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Infographic: 7 Safety Tips For Driving Hot Weather

infographic 7 tips how to drive safely hot weather
Australian's know that driving in hot weather is often necessary. This infographic has tips to ensure your safety when it's steamy out on the road.

1.  Check Tyres - Before driving, ensure you check the tire pressures are set to manufacturers specifications. Tyre condition should be checked before travelling and regularly during your journey for signs of failure and excess temperature, stop if you see signs of either.

2.  Engine Oil - Hot weather puts all your engines components to the test. Make sure the engine oil is at the correct level and in good condition. Keep an eye on your engine oil temperature and pressure during your journey.

3.  Cooling System - Perform a visual inspection of your cooling system before departing, check for signs of leakage and fatigue on cooling system hoses and around any clamps. Check the condition and level of coolant before departure, while travelling make sure the cooling system remains within the normal operating range.

4.  Check Battery - Hot weather also places additional strain on your vehicle's battery. Make sure that terminals are clean and secure ensure the batteries are mounted correctly.

5.  Drive Belts - Ensure you have checked the condition of both the belts and any tensioners that are fitted to your vehicle. The belts are critical in both the cooling and charging systems on your vehicle.

6.  First Aid Kit - It is always a good idea to carry a well stocked first aid kit in your vehicle.

7. Stay hydrated - Make sure to carry plenty of drinking water so you can remain hydrated throughout your journey.

So here you go, following this infographic guide will reduce the risk of having troubles while driving.  Do you have more tips that haven't mentioned here? Let me know your thoughts by posting a comment below.

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