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How To Get Through The Winter With Your Truck

Winter is a great season unless you're in a truck and fighting against the conditions. Disruptions caused by accidents involving trucks - every winter, these messages are echoed by the various radio traffic reports.

Good tires benefit nothing if it does not give sufficient adhesion between the tire and road surface. Due to the high load, a truck tire consists of a rubber compound with a high proportion of natural rubber. Among other things, the truck needs weight on the drive axle. Otherwise, the drive wheels will slip through a lack of downward force.

Of course, sometimes drivers simply make a mistake. Following these 5 tips will help you get through the winter:

5 tips to get through the winter with the truck:

  1. To get moving on a slippery road surface, use both clutch and throttle gently to avoid wheel spin.

    foot brake pedal
  2. Minimise the use of engine brakes on a downhill or slippery road. Only the service brake affects all axes. Semi trailer brakes are set-up so that the braking force will be optimally distributed i.e. the trailer will brake first, reducing the chance of jack-knifing.

  3. If the truck or trailer breaks out - keep your nerve, reacting out of panic will only worsen the situation.

    brake distance
  4. Ensure you have enough braking distance. Wet or slippery roads increase the distance it takes to stop.

    winter truck
  5. Do not let yourself be rushed in hazardous situations. Deadline pressure is secondary to making it home safely. Rushed or thoughtless actions only lead to accidents. With patience, you will surely reach your destination - even if it takes longer.

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