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Air Valves

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Boost Your Truck or Trailer's Efficiency By Using Air Valves
Browsing for the ideal air valve to improve the performance and efficiency of your vehicle on the road? Listed below are the different kinds of air valves, along with their uses, to assist you in selecting the ideal valve for your vehicle's pneumatic systems.

Types of Air Valves and Their Features:

Governor Valve - The governor valve is responsible for maintaining the ideal air pressure in your air reservoir. It monitors air pressure levels, automatically activating the air compressor when pressure drops below a set point and shutting it off when the desired pressure is reached. This ensures a reliable, responsive braking experience, keeping you and your cargo safe on the road.

Levelling Valve - This valve is responsible for adjusting the air pressure in your suspension system, ensuring a smooth, comfortable ride regardless of load and road conditions. By automatically compensating for changes in weight distribution and terrain, the levelling valve helps extend the life of your suspension components and tires.

Dash Valve - The dash valve, also known as the brake valve, puts you in control of your air brakes. Located in the cab, this manually operated valve allows you to apply and release the brakes as needed. Dash valves provide a quick response time and precise control, ensuring a safe and reliable braking experience for truckers.

Relay Valve - When quick and efficient air delivery is a priority, relay valves step up to the task. These valves are designed to speed up the application and release of air brakes by minimizing the distance air needs to travel. As a result, you can expect a faster and more consistent braking response, improving overall safety and control.|

Full Function Valve - A true all-in-one solution, the full function valve combines the functions of multiple valves into a single, compact unit. This multifaceted valve typically includes a pressure protection valve, a relay valve, and a quick release valve, streamlining your air system and reducing installation time. By combining these essential functions, the full function valve ensures optimal performance and efficiency for your rig's pneumatic systems.

Whether you require a governor valve to regulate air pressure or a complete function valve for all-in-one convenience, our extensive selection of air valves has been designed to satisfy your specific needs.