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Load Restraint Accessories

27 products

Load Restraints to Help You in Your Material Handling and Transport Needs.

Our load restraint accessories make securing your load easy. You can see that these items come from well known brands and offer features such as reliability, safety and durability.

You can choose from cargo nets, lifting accessories, pallet angles, chain connectors, anchor plates, load chokers, bow shackles, and maxibinders to name a few.

Essential for securing your load.

Safety is a big concern when you secure your load. The crucial role of cargo nets and load restraints is to avoid your load dropping on the road and causing accidents. Maxibinders by Austlift are considered "complete package" by combining the function of a ratchet tie down and a load binder. Load chokers can be used on webbing straps without reducing the lash capacity. Pallet angles and strap application tool can be used to apply strap even with a limited space. Bow shackles to connect chains and other fittings. These load restraint accessories have advanced over time from materials used and tested for safety and durability.