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Wheel Nut Covers - Chrome

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Protect your Wheel with High-Quality Truck Wheel Nut Covers
Protect the wheel from heat and dust with truck wheel nut covers. When purchasing a vehicle, it is vital to consider the wheel. The simple solution is to plan and protect those costly wheels. To preserve your truck's rugged appearance and increase its lifespan, a  nut cover becomes necessary. Truck wheel nut covers come in a variety of colours and sizes to meet your specific requirements.  The wheel of your truck is typically made of aluminium/steel.  The nut cover offers protection against cold and UV radiation. It becomes even more helpful if your vehicle is parked in a shaded area as UV rays can deteriorate the rubber and render them structurally unstable. You can choose the one that covers the tire fully or the one that fits around the rim.

Nut Cover Pliers: Easily Remove Wheel Nut Covers
The Nut Cover Pliers are made for the effortless removal of wheel nut covers. Suits all common sizes. High-strength steel with non-slip rubber coated grip removes rusted/dirty truck wheel nut covers effortlessly.