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Tail Lamps - Stop, Tail, Indicator & Reverse

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Stop, tail, indicator, and reverse tail lamps are important parts of a vehicle's lighting system that contribute to road safety.

Stop lamps, also called as brake lamps are lit when the brake pedal is pressed. They serve to notify other drivers when the vehicle is slowing down or stopping. Tail lamps are positioned near the stop lamp and are activated whenever the headlights are on. They help to boost the vehicle's rear visibility, making it simpler for other drivers to identify the vehicle's size and shape.

When the driver signals a turn, the front and rear indicator lamps, also known as signal lights will flash. They serve to inform other drivers of a vehicle's intended direction allowing them to react accordingly.  When the driver goes into reverse, the vehicle's rear tail lights activate. They inform other drivers that the car is reversing preventing possible accidents.

Not only are these tail lamps useful parts that assure road safety, but they also contribute to the overall style and look of a vehicle. They are the first things that people notice when looking at a vehicle and have a significant impact on the vehicle's overall image. Our tail lights are available in a variety of styles and patterns and customized according to the preferences of a vehicle owner. A pair of sleek and fashionable tail lamps may give a vehicle a modern look, while a set of traditional tail lamps can give a vehicle a vintage or retro appearance.