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Marker Lamps

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At Night, Side Marker Lamps Provide Additional Illumination
Side marker lamps are mounted on the rear and front sides of trailers and trucks. They serve as auxiliary safety lights visible to other drivers when the vehicle's headlights are turned on. They are standard devices on the majority of vehicles and are also available as aftermarket upgrades. Side marker lamps provide additional lighting at night and in low visibility conditions to assist nearby drivers and pedestrians in seeing the vehicle. On trailers, trucks, and other work and utility vehicles, side marker lights are standard equipment.

Often, side markers contain a single bulb, whether it's a carbon filament (hot) bulb or an LED (light-emitting diode), enclosed in a socket and a small frame. The frame is secured to the vehicle's front fender and rear quarter panel using snap retainers or screws.  Single wires, typically 16 gauge thick, connect the bulb socket to the light parking wire, taillight wire, or main headlight wire loom. They operate on 12 volts from a regular automobile battery and are activated when the headlights are switched on.

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