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Cleaning Products

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Auto Cleaners for Right Maintenance of Interior and Exteriors

A clean truck and trailer is a delight that can make heads turn along the road. However, when the truck or trailer is subjected to immense usage across extreme conditions, grime, dust, and dirt accumulate along with the vehicle, leading to unpleasant looks.  To avoid this condition, auto cleaners are created to cater to the interior and exterior cleaning of the vehicle. These products are designed and formulated to efficiently eliminate all types of dust, dirt, and grime from your vehicle.

There are many types of auto cleaners that cater to different areas of the vehicle.  There are cockpit protectors that make your dashboard shine and smell great and liquid and paste wax that is designed to bring a hard smooth finish in the exterior part of your vehicle.  The cleaning range also includes windscreen cleaner that is designed to keep the glass of your vehicle clean and bright.  There is even hanging air freshener that wards off odours in your truck.