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Emergency Lighting

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Emergency lamps are designed to be highly visible and attention-grabbing, making them an essential component of any vehicle. Emergency lamps typically consist of a series of high-intensity bulbs that are mounted on the roof or front of the vehicle. These lamps can be set to flash or rotate, creating a distinctive pattern that is easy to spot from a distance. While emergency light bars have a series of LED lights that can be set to flash or rotate. Emergency light bars are larger than emergency lamps, and they are typically mounted on the roof of the vehicle. They are also considered to be more effective in providing warning signs to traffic.

Both LED lights have different types of lenses to make the emergency vehicle more visible. Clear lenses are used to produce a bright light, while colored lenses are used to produce a specific color, such as yellow, red, or blue. In order to be effective, emergency lamps and light bars must be properly maintained. This includes regularly checking the bulbs and lenses to ensure that they are in good working order and replacing any that are damaged or no longer functioning.