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Headlights: Optimized Lighting for Improved Road Safety and Visibility
The primary function of truck headlights is to illuminate the highway and promote safe and fatigue free driving.   Thus, headlights and their specifications are critical vehicle components for safety. They are subject to government approval and must remain unaltered. Laws regulate the type and placement of light functions on a vehicle and their color, light sources, and design. Historically, vehicle lighting has relied on headlights equipped with H1, H3, H4, H7, and H9 bulbs. They remain very popular to this day. Technological advancements have resulted in a highly favourable performance/price ratio for headlights installed as original equipment. It is critical to see and be seen during the dark and cold months of the year when inclement weather (rain, fog, storms) is frequent. This implies that trucks must have proper lights.  It is critical to have enough lighting to detect dangers in traffic in time and therefore respond correctly to skid risks, roadblocks and aquaplaning. It is also vital to identify bicycles, pedestrians, and other drivers on the road promptly. Periodic bulb replacements are obsolete, thanks to LED technology.  Comparative studies demonstrate that switching to LED technology from traditional lights often pays for itself after the first bulb replacement. There are no continuing expenses associated with light or bulb replacement. Since LED lights are wear and maintenance-free, they significantly contribute to a vehicle's capacity to retain its value.