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Alemlube Air Operated 3:1 Oil Transfer Kit with Meter - 454110N

Alemlube Air Operated 3:1 Oil Transfer Kit with Meter - 454110N


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  • The Samoa 454110N 3:1 oil transfer kit with meter is ideal for the transfer of oil and other low viscosity products such as waste oil, antifreeze and coolant.
  • Suitable for use in 205 and 60 litre drums, the kit facilitates clean and efficient oil transfer without the risk of contamination hazards.
  • The 454110N is the answer for easy and convenient oil transfer and is supplied complete with 3 metres of 1/2" ID hydraulic hose, electronic resettable meter with totaliser and a 2" bung adaptor.
  • Manufactured with a one piece molded and precision machined cylinder encompassing the pump tube, air cylinder and outlet port, the 3:1 ratio drum pump with its polyurethane fluid seal is suitable for use with all mineral and synthetic
    lubricants, even at low starting air pressure.
  • Due to the absence of dead spaces, the fast acting valve mechanism creates an
    immediate reciprocating action.
    Based on a Samoa patented and well-proven design with over 20 years of field experience, this 3:1 ratio air operated oil transfer kit is designed to work day in day out providing years of reliable service.
  • Maximum pump free flow rate of 35 L/min
  • Flow rates with hose and metered gun (365534) of up to 12 L/min
  • One piece die-cast cylinder eliminates leaks & simplifies repairs
  • Maximum fluid outlet pressure of 420psi
  • Air operating range from 43psi to 115psi
  • Dry suction lift of 6.5 metres
  • Air inlet: 1/4"NPT (f)
  • Fluid outlet: 3/4"NPT (f)
  • Fluid inlet: 1"BSP (f)
  • 2 year warranty
  • Part number: 454110N