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Alemlube Metric Grease Nipple Kit 100 piece - L4676

Alemlube Metric Grease Nipple Kit 100 piece - L4676


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  • 100 piece metric grease nipple assortment kit
  •  Your most popular grease nipples in a convenient compartmentalised refillable carry kit.
  • All grease nipples included in the kit are case hardened, fully chromated, zinc passivated, batch tested to 8,000psi (552bar), and conform to international standards including BSS 1486, DIN 71412, SAE J534, and JIS B1575
  • The patented Kinglok method of construction provides a very substantial mechanical joint with an entirely leakproof fit.
  • Manufactured in the UK with quality, performance, and longevity in mind
  • 100 piece Metric threads 6m x 1, 8m x 1, 10m x 1.
  • Part number: L4676