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GB Detergents Aluminium Etch - 5L

GB Detergents Aluminium Etch - 5L


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  • GB Detergents Aluminium etch
  • Formulated to remove oxide films and light oil deposits from aluminium and stainless steel. Aluminium etch will remove stains and bring aluminium work back to a ''mill finish''
  • Directions: can be used by immersion or manual brushing.
    • For immersion use 5-10% concentration for 1-10 minutes. 
    • For manual brushing use 1-10% for 30 sec-5 minutes
  • Brightens aluminium surfaces
  • Available in 5 and 25 Litre
  • GB Detergents brand
  • Use only in a well ventilates area 
  • This product is corrosive and toxic, correct PPE must be worn when using
  • P/n: AE5L - 5L