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Austlift G70 Slip Hook Clevis Gold - Various Sizes

Austlift G70 Slip Hook Clevis Gold - Various Sizes


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  • Clevis slip hooks combined with Grade 70 chain are an effective way to restraint heavy loads for transport operations with the benefit of a hook style fitting for all sorts of lashing applications.
  • Manufactured from forged steel, quenched, tempered and gold zinc plated.
  • Marked with chain size, lashing capacity, grade, batch numbered and branded Austlift for traceability.
  • Batch test certificate available upon request.
  • Working Load Limit:
    • 201308 - 3,800kg
    • 201310 - 6,000kg
  • Dimensions (mm):
    • 201308 (8mm): A-110, B-26, B1-32, C-74, D-9.9, T-11, T1-13.4, W-80
    • 201310 (10mm): A-126.5, B-30, B1-38, C-85, D-12, T-12, T1-15.5, W-95