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BPW Shock Absorber Strap

BPW Shock Absorber Strap - Various Sizes


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  • Genuine BPW fibre shock absorber strap - AS0025/****
  • Available sizes range from 380mm to 7850mm to suit a range of BPW suspensions, ride heights and shock absorbers.
  • Contact us or your mechanic to check if these are appropriate for your application.
  • These straps are suitable for BPW suspensions but can be fitted to other applications
  • NOTE: the correct fitment of shock absorber strap depends on the ride height of the suspension and subsequent shock absorber open & closed lengths.
  • Sizes and part numbers:
    • AS0025/3800 - 380mm
    • AS0025/3940 - 394mm
    • AS0025/4100 - 410mm
    • AS0025/4230 - 423mm
    • AS0025/4310 - 431mm
    • AS0025/4440 - 444mm
    • AS0025.4540 - 454mm
    • AS0025.4640 - 464mm
    • AS0025.4710 - 471mm
    • AS0025/4800 - 480mm
    • AS0025/7340 - 734mm
    • AS0025/7850 - 785mm
  • To measure shock strap length the strap must be pressed down onto a flat surface with a steel ruler or similar.