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Chemtech Blitz Aluminium Cleaner 5L - CBZ-5L

Chemtech Blitz Aluminium Cleaner 5L - CBZ-5L


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  • 5 Liter Blitz aluminum cleaner professional formula
  • Chemtech Blitz is a unique formulation specifically designed for the effective cleaning of any Aluminium or Stainless applications such as Intercoolers, Turbo Chargers, Valve Covers, Radiators, Bull Bars, Dinghies, Side Steps in part preparation of a high gloss finish.
  • Safer to use than other products containing Hydrofluoric Acid or Ammonium Bifluoride.
  • Suitable for all road transport and marine applications. Prepares aluminium surfaces for polishing.
  • Part number: CBZ-5L