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Macnaught 20L Oil Pump - MAOP20

Macnaught 20L Oil Pump - MAOP20


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  • Macnaught 20L Oil Pump is suitable for oils up to SAE140/ISO680 viscosity
  • Used for engine, gear, transmission, hydraulic oils, and pre-mixed engine coolants.
  • It delivers up to 75ml per stroke, depending on viscosity, and fits 20L to 25L drums with a suction tube extender.
  • Features include an in-built check valve that keeps the pump primed, a drain-back facility to prevent siphoning and spillage, and an anti-kink spring that maintains full flow in the delivery hose even in tight situations.
  • It includes additional bung adaptors to fit various drum types and a 1.8m clear delivery hose for easy fluid identification.
  • The pump comes with a two-year warranty and 12 months on wear items like hoses and seals.
  • Includes:
    • 20L Oil Drum Pump with suction tube extender
    • 1.8m delivery hose with anti-kink spring and nozzle
    • Two additional bung adaptors to fit standard drum bung
  • Part number: MAOP20