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meritor black brakes MSKMG1A4707QP

Meritor 'P' Type Premium GP Brake Shoe & Hardware Kit - MSKMG2A4515PSSK


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  • Meritor Black aftermarket range of linings.
  • 2x 'P' type shoes with riveted 4515 linings and hardware.
  • Premium linings comprised of Meritor MG2 friction material rated for 23,000 pound (10,432kg) gross axle weight rating (GAWR). MG2 provides non-asbestos medium to high friction that meets all FMVSS-121 requirements and is ideal for running long hauls over average to rough terrains, as well as city stop-and-go applications.
  • Kit for one wheel end.
  • 16.5" x 7" shoes
  • Suits many trailer and drive axle applications.
  • Hardware kit included.
  • Is the premium version of MSKMG1A4515PSSK
  • Supercedes EKSMG2A4515PSSK
  • C/Ref: FB4004MG2