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Morey's Diesel Smoke Killer

Morey's Diesel Smoke Killer 1ltr - 11001-SK


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  • Morey's Diesel Smoke Killer - Fuel Conditioner & Injector Cleaner - 1 Litre.
  • Premium diesel fuel conditioner.
  • Designed to reduce smoke, improve fuel injection, provide anti-wear, enhance fuel economy and ensure engine cleanliness.
  • Works by: combining temperature stability, tenacity to metal surfaces and low coefficient of friction to form a film between pistons and cylinder walls, sealing the combustion chamber. Compression is increased, friction reduced and engine efficiency improved.
  • Designed for use in DIESEL fuel at a recommended ratio of 650:1.
  • Cleans dirty injectors and keeps them clean.
  • Increases horsepower up to 10%.
  • Improves fuel economy to more than pay for itself.
  • Reduces exhaust emissions and smoke.
  • Reduces injector scuffing.
  • Increases fuel system life.
  • Reduces rust & corrosion.
  • Makes fuel filters last longer.
  • Does not raise sulphur or aromatic content.
  • Keeps seals soft & pliable.
  • For technical information click here.
  • Safety data sheet.