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Permatex Seal & Lock Thread Compound 35ml - PX57535

Permatex Seal & Lock Thread Compound 35ml - PX57535


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  • Permatex Seal & Lock is a unique anaerobic formulation that combines thread sealing properties with the strength and locking capability of Blue Threadlocker.
  • Seal & Lock allows you to create a water and air tight seal with the reassurance that the assembly is locked in place and will not loosen.
  • Works on Steel, aluminum alloys, brass, and copper.
  • 35ml
  • Part number: PX57535
  • Suggested applications: Threaded freeze plugs, oil pressure sensor, fuel line supply nuts and bolts, threaded fuel injectors, coolant temperature sensor, power steering cooler line nuts, brake master cylinder line nuts, A/C systems, gardening hose, and sprinkler connections, metal pipe plugs