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Powerdown Shock Absorber Suit Volvo FH & FM - P809

Powerdown Shock Absorber Suit Volvo FH & FM - P809


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  • Suits Volvo Rear FH and FM 8 bag suspension
  • Designed to elevate performance and endurance to unprecedented levels
  • Maintains cooler operating temperatures, ensuring peak performance under all conditions.
  • Robust 45mm Disc Valve
  • Features a low-friction, high-temperature seal that reduces wear and prolongs service life.
  • Increases oil capacity, allowing for better heat dissipation and cooler operation during intense use.
  • Made with high-tensile strength materials
  • Maintains constant tire-road contact, drastically improving driver comfort and vehicle control, while also reducing wear on tires and suspension components.
  • Part number: P809