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Ryco Service Kit Suits Hino 500 -  RSK184

Ryco Service Kit Suits Hino 500 - RSK184


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  • Ryco service kit suits Hino 500 - FE2A Series (A05CT
    engine) 11/2018 On.
  • Genuine protection for harsh driving conditions
  • Ryco's design philosophy is to meet the vehicle manufacturers' performance requirements
  • Utilising Australia's only dedicated filtration laboratory and stringent testing procedures to meet the requirements for excellent filtration
  • A superior performing filter must excel in ALL 3 critical areas to be deemed fit to do the job: Efficiency, Life and Flow
  • New Vehicle Warranty Protection
  • Includes:
    • 1x Cartridge Oil Filter - R2891P 
    • 1x Cartridge Fuel Filter, Primary - R2892P
    • 1x Cartridge Fuel Filter, Secondary - R2893P
    • 1x PCV Filter - R2897P
    • 1x Fibre / Metal Washer - MS8001