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Valvoline Valplex EP Grease Cartridge 450g - Box of 12

Valvoline Valplex EP Grease Cartridge 450g - Box of 12


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  • Valvoline Valplex is a No.2 Lithium Complex grease containing a non-lead E.P (Extreme Pressure) additive suitable for extended lubrication intervals of vehicle chassis points.
  • It is particularly recommended for fifth wheel applications.
  • Extreme pressure grease is suitable for extended lubrication intervals.
  • High Drop Point above 260 Degrees C
  • Excellent Antiwear & EP performance
  • Fortified with molybdenum providing high shock loading protection
  • Multi-Purpose
  • Designed for use in automotive, trucks, industrial, earthmoving, and farming applications
  • Maintains water resistance under various operating conditions including high moisture areas.
  • Sold in box of 12
  • Part number: 0707.82