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Narva Solder Splice Wire Joiners

Narva Solder Splice Wire Joiners Blister - Pack of 5


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  • Solder splice wire joiners combine the advantages of heat shrink, low melt solder, and waterproof glands, ensuring a robust connection suitable for the Australian environment.
  • Creates a fast, waterproof, electrically reliable and insulated connection.
  • Heat solder splice with heating tool of butane gas tool, no soldering iron required.
  • Tubing shrinks and solder melts through stripped wires, leaving them soldered securely.
  • Part numbers:
    • 56380BL - Red - To suit wire 1.5-2.5mm
    • 56382BL - Blue - To suit wire 2.5-4.5mm
    • 56384BL - Yellow - To suit wire 4.5-6mm